The Bible: Archives

Barna and the Bible

The Bible: how stories impact us  

 The Bible: interpreting the human experience 

 The Bible: Navigating Genres

 The Bible: meaning in poetic form  

 The Bible: the power of narrative

 The Bible: dialogue matters

 The Bible: repeated images

The Bible: how context is vital 

The Bible: master storytelling

The Bible: planning the meaning 

The Bible: Non-Heroes

 The Bible: Jael’s imagery 

 The Bible: repeated words

 The Bible: motifs

 The Bible: Beginnings

 The Bible: allusions  

The Bible: laugh along

 The Bible: The End of the Story

 The Bible: an overarching motif

 The Bible: vivid imagery

The Bible: distant connections

 The Bible: ridicule

 The Bible: Job’s story

 The Bible: the story

 The Bible: Morphing Into Verse


The Bible: The Betrothal

The Bible: Betrothals Tweaked

The Bible:  A Surprising Betrothal

The Bible: resources   


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