From Evernote:


Why do I write? It’s a cliche to say, "because I can’t not write." That’s a true statement but I want to dig a little deeper.

I write to create a world to explore and people to meet. I finished one novel only because I liked the main character so much I couldn’t leave her hanging literally at the end of a chapter.

I write to discover meaning. When I’m confused or puzzled about something, I sit down at the keyboard and start writing. In the stream of consciousness comes ideas and connections I hadn’t seen before.

I write to connect my thoughts with other people. I want to connect and writing handles the job better sometimes than speaking. I’ve said some disjointed things that would have been clearer if written.

I write because I love words. I love the music of alliteration, the rhythm of sentences, the magic of a well-turned phrase. I don’t hit that goal all the time but there’s zest in the trying.

I write because I like to read. I read my stuff and I read other texts. Then ideas come and what do you do with ideas? Start writing.

All this, I think, boils down to the cliche. I write because I can’t stop.