Our adventure

From the time he decorated himself like a Christmas tree , our youngest has brought adventures to our life.

He was the one who rummaged through his father’s toolbox so that he could remove the training wheels from his bike after one day. “Those get in the way,” he said.

Story_squareI awoke once at 2 am to a noise like a strangled cat. He was sitting in front of  a computer screen playing with a digital cat. Do you know that when you selected a digital spray bottle and squirt the digital pet cat, it squawks in a way that makes a three-year-old giggle like a strangled cat?

He knows how to hypnotize a baby rabbit and dodge a paint ball. He didn’t master the ability to separate his clean laundry from the pile of clothes on the floor but I digress.

I always wondered what career he’d pursue. Cat tamer? Graphic designer? Sci Fi novelist? Now he’s graduated, employed and moved out.

He loves his job. It has to do with rummaging through phone settings rather than a toolbox and teaching others how to untangle their own phones.

And he’s laundering money, too.

Truly I am thrilled. If he’s laundering money, that means he’s actually putting his clothes in the washing machine.

My work is complete.


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