Stairway surprise

This ugly house had all sorts of surprises. The good ones included finding hardwood floors under the tattered carpet. The bad ones included finding the ceiling collapsed on the floor in the basement bathroom.

Ugly houses are often that way, with surprises at every turn.

Story_squareWhere the paint was chipped, we found pea green underneath. Who’d paint their living room that color? I mean all the walls, not just an accent wall.

As a contrast, the hallway was painted Pepto-Bismol pink.


You get the idea.

The dining room had a small storage door about four feet above the floor which I assumed was a coat closet. I know you’re ahead of me on this one so you already know it wasn’t a coat closet.

Inside was a small chamber with three stairs starting at the front and rising to the back, neatly wrapped in fresh carpet like a furry Christmas gift. No ribbon.

The problem was the stairs filled the compartment, ending at the top.

I’ve seen stairs that were steeper than climbing a 14,000’ mountain. I’ve seen stairs where the paint had long worn away by many trudging feet. I’ve seen stairs that wound around a pole from basement to loft.

But I had never before seen this: the stairway to nowhere.


6 thoughts on “Stairway surprise

  1. Fun! This reminds me of the Winchester Mystery House ( that we saw in California years ago. Apparently the owner believed that she would never die as long as her house was under construction so carpenters worked around the clock, building doorways to blank walls and, yes, stairways to nowhere.


  2. Reminds me of the house we lived in when I was in Jr. High and high school. My parents’ bedroom had a sliding glass door that was supposed to go to a balcony….only there was no balcony. And this was on the top floor…..three stories high.


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