Ready for lunch?

SeasonsAs the competition was coming to the finale, Chuck glanced up at the clock.

“Will we be done in time for lunch?” he said. His eyes traveled around the room where several residents sat in wheelchairs. The sun poured into the room through several large windows, warming things up enough that some residents had dozed off.

Sharon laughed. She was leading activities this morning and held several colored balls in her hands. “Here, Clara, let’s finish up this game. Roll your ball close to the target.”

Clara shifted her jaw from side to side as she considered her target and then pulled her arm back. She sent the ball shooting across the floor, bouncing off another wheelchair on the other side of the room, before resting under the coffee table by the large sofa.

“She loses,” Chuck said. “Now let’s get to lunch.” He didn’t wait for Sharon to confirm things. He charged down the hallway toward the dining hall.

“Yep, it’s time for lunch,” Sharon said. She starting gathering the balls scattered across the floor. “Who needs help getting there?”

Some residents gripped the wheels of their chairs and began slowly propelling their way down the hallway.

“I wouldn’t turn down some help,” Clara said.

Sharon rolled Clara’s wheelchair into the dining hall and helped her get settled at a square table.

“Please be careful of my foot,” Clara said so Sharon bent over to see where the wheelchair footrests hit the table’s legs. And then she noticed that Clara had a bit of toast on her chest.

“Here, let me get that for you,” she said, scooping up the morsel. “It looks like you may have dropped something from breakfast.”

Clara glanced down and then cocked her head. “Well, there went my snack.”


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