Building a cage

Story_squareWe can be a little frugal (I avoided other terms like penny-pincher and scrooge-like) in our family.

That’s why our daughter decided to spend a day crafting her own wire rabbit cage. Cheaper that way. I mean, frugal, of course.

She discovered some extra wire panels behind the garage and set to work with her materials in front of the tool shed.

She had to bend corners, crimp the back and front panels onto the main framework, design her own doorway into the cage.

She spent most of the time on her knees twisting and binding wire.

And then it was done.

She took a step back to admire the cage. It fairly glowed in the afternoon sun.

Her back ached, her hands were sore, and she decided she needed a little recreation after the big project.

We had 40 acres of open pasture and so a run on the four-wheeler looked invigorating.

Off she went. At 14, she hadn’t started training for her driver’s license but she handled the four-wheeler with experience.

She zipped across trails, feeling the wind blow through her hair. She made a loop around the house, leaning into the turn.

The cool early-evening air sliced past her as she drove on and on.

And then she swung around the chicken house with a little more speed than she intended and the four-wheeler refused to turn tightly.

She didn’t want to roll her vehicle so she eased out of the sharp turn.

Just in time to see what was ahead of her on the path.

She spent most of the day building her own rabbit cage but it only took about three seconds to flatten it with those big four-wheel tires.


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