Such A Class

SeasonsSometimes our elders have the wit of children when the spotlight is on.

That old television show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things,” has nothing on a senior citizen’s group.

We were sitting in a big circle in the activities room at the nursing home with each person answering questions. Queries included “Tell us a nursery rhyme” and “What is your favorite food?”

Laura, who was leading the activity, glanced down her list of questions on the paper in her hand. “All right, Irma,” she said, “Tell us what your favorite class was in school.”

“Arithmetic,” Irma said.

“Music,” Jim said.

“Social studies,” Dora said.

“Geography,” Lila said.

And then it was Sadie’s turn. Her eyes lit up as Laura stepped in front of her.

“So what was your favorite class in school, Sadie?”

Sadie’s eyes twinkled. “My favorite class was three o’clock! My only trouble was that I was still five miles from home.”


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