Permanently One

Story_squareYou know that some people show dogs and some show horses so it shouldn’t shock you that some people show rabbits, too.

At these shows, rabbits are required to have a tattoo in their left ear. A rabbit missing a tattoo is disqualified from a class.

Josie had three rabbits to show in one class and she had crutches after knee surgery. So friends offered to carry her entries to the show table.

“Check the tattoos,” she called out, “to be sure you have the right rabbit.”

Nicole peeked in the ear. “Um, Josie, there’s no tattoo.”

“None? Oh, dear.” Josie looked around. She was surrounded by other rabbit breeders and she lifted her voice. “Who has a tattoo pen with them?”

Somebody always had a tattoo pen.

“I’ll do it.” Terry held up her tattoo pen. “What is the tattoo in the ear?”

Josie checked her paperwork. “SPCOCOA.”

“Really.” Terry studied her for a moment. “In that ear you want me to put all that?”

Nicole fidgeted. A muffled voice blasted from the speakers above. “They’re calling for entries. We need to hurry.”

Josie threw her hands up. “Oh, it doesn’t matter. Get whatever you can and we can substitute at the table.”

So that’s how a little brown rabbit named Cocoa ended up, for life, with the number one in her ear.


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