Louder please

SeasonsLola had already staked her spot in the front row before the singers arrived because she knew them and planned to catch up on life.

They were, after all, on the outside while she was tethered to her walker and assisted care. She was anxious for news.

They came in late and she settled in her chair, knowing she’d have time afterward for some news.

This was a weekly hymn sing in the nursing home and the group made their way through a dozen hymns before the singers closed out the morning’s entertainment.

“Susan,” Lola called out as Susan and the others gathered the hymnals. “Susan, you all need to talk louder. I couldn’t hear a word you said.”

“Really?” Susan came over to the table. “Not a word?”

“Nothing. I think you need to bring a microphone or something. You all have such soft voices. I couldn’t hear anything!”

Tess joined Susan at the table. “We have soft voices? I’m so sorry.”

Then Susan brightened up. “Lola, did you put in your hearing aids this morning?”

“No,” Lola said. “I need new batteries. Why?”

Susan and Tess smiled at each other. “Oh, just wondering.”


2 thoughts on “Louder please

  1. Hi there. Hate to butt in, but I don’t wear a hearing aid and I miss most of what others are saying – unless I sense the importance of the few words I hear. So, I interrupt, “could you repeat what you just said!” Not to be taken as a question.

    As a speaker, waiting for an introduction, I typically view my audience and look for those who seemed to strain at hearing the previous speaker’s voice – and adjust my voice to accommodate others. You don’t have to shout, merely look at the person and convey your message.

    Why not use a hearing aid, you might ask. Just examine the cost and you will discover why. One of the most ignored, but needed missions. would be to help those who really do need help or else, their worlds are passing them by


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