SeasonsHarry dialed his son. “The neighbors came over to scoop off the front walk.”

His son, Dean,  lived across town and hadn’t made it out yet. “Oh, good. Thanks, Dad.”

“Just wanted you to know.” Harry hung up. Within minutes, Dean got another call. This one was from his sister.

“Dad says you didn’t scoop off the front walk.”

“Well, the neighbors did it. When did he call you?”

“Just now.”

Dean calculated. His father must have immediately dialed his sister after calling Dean. In fact, while Dean talked to Sharon, his phone buzzed with a new call. It was Harry.

“I better see what Dad needs now,” Harry told Sharon and switched the call to his father.

“Yeah, Dean, I wanted you to know that the neighbors also scraped off our windshield. But I don’t think we’re going to church anyway. It’s cold, you know. I just wanted you to know.”

Harry could no longer scoop snow or carry out his own trash but he could dial his phone. His children had given him a cell phone and it proved to be Harry’s new hobby.

He called all his children regularly and passed on news from one to another.  Harvesting news and passing it on the the rest of the family became his daily goal.

Harry had a new purpose and it involved his favorite people: his family.


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