Not blind

SeasonsMarshall gripped the arms of the walker. “I don’t like this thing,” he growled at his wife as he shuffled toward the front door.

“The therapist said you needed to use it.”

Marshall didn’t answer. He lifted the walker onto the step and drug his foot onto the concrete. “It ain’t so easy, you know.”

Nora didn’t answer him. She waited until he had gotten into the house before she drove their car into the garage.

“So when’s that gal supposed to come again?” Marshall had dropped into the recliner as Nora came into the kitchen from the garage.

“Lisa? The physical therapist?”

“Who else?”

“Any time now. That’s why we needed to hurry and get home.”

Marshall grunted. “She makes me work awfully hard. This is not easy, you know.”

When the doorbell rang, Marshall called to Nora. “Hey, hey, she’s here. Don’t keep her waiting.”

Lisa entered in a flurry of bags and papers, her blond hair cute and her clothes stylish. She smiled at Marshall. “You look great this afternoon. Are you ready for me to work you hard?”

“Sure.” Marshall smiled at her. “Anything you say.”

Lisa had a full slate of exercises for Marshall and they worked together for almost 45 minutes. “All right,” she said. “That’s enough for today. I’ll be back on Tuesday. You rest now. Get a good drink of water.”

“I think I’ll do that.” Marshall grinned until she closed the door behind herself. “She worked me hard today.”

“I watched her closely,” Nora said. “I think that I’ll be able to help you with those exercises when she’s finished with her time.”

“Huh,” Marshall narrowed his eyes. “I’ll just need to rest then.”

“You’ll work for her but not for me?”

Marshall leaned back in his chair. “I may be old and tired but I’m not blind.”


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