A snow toy

Story_squareNever had the first snow of the season been so anticipated as it was by our neighbor who was armed with a new snowblower.

The day came, of course. The first snow.

On the plains of Colorado, snow often comes as crispy shards driven by a dry wind. This snowfall was one of those.

But our neighbor rushed out to his driveway as soon as the swirling snow could be seen.

We heard the roar of the engine and rushed to the window. This wasn’t to be missed.

He started at his garage door and opened a dry path to the street, turning the blower around and aiming for the garage again. As he walked, the whispy snow flying out of his blower’s tube rose in the air and shot downward with precision.

Back onto the path he had just cleared.

Our neighbor finished the driveway in that same fashion: clear a patch and blow new snow onto it. Maybe the motto of the snow blower is never look back.

But, at the rate he was clearing things, he could enjoy his new machine all day long. Not bad for a new snow toy.


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