Hard heads

Story_squareWhen the phone in our bedroom chirped, I opened one sleepy eye to check the time. Yep: 2:12 again.

Every night for months, at 2:12 am our phone emitted a sound like a choked cat.

Our phone ruled from the top shelf on the headboard of our bed in those days.

And generally my husband slept through it all.

But this night, as I was checking the time, he made a muffled growl and reached up for the phone.

I watched his arm snake upward.  Then it lost its GPS settings and fell limply onto the phone which skittered off the shelf and onto my husband’s head with a solid ka-chunk.

“Oh, Honey,” I said. “Are you all right?”

He said, “Mmm..gr…..uhhhh” and started snoring again.

I did check for blood as I lifted the phone off his head.

I expected bruises in the morning. “Is your head OK?” I asked him just before he headed off for work.1241106_92264675

“Why wouldn’t it be?”

There are hard heads and there are heads harder than Mount Everest. Especially when it comes to 2:12 am choked cat wake-up calls.



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