Facing mama cow

Story_squareSometimes you face your fears with determination and courage. Sometimes you face an angry mama cow the same way. Especially when the stick keeps breaking.

My mother was always game for helping with the livestock on the family farm. We had a small group of black Angus cows that needed to be moved to a new corral. Mom dried her hands on her dishtowel and jumped to the task.

Black Angus cows can be aggressive in their nurturing skills. This means that, when they had a new calf, they could be a bear to move into a new pen.

They’d rather knock you flat and then move into the new corral.

But Mom knew cattle and she scaled the fence with a stick in hand.

“You don’t back down,” she told us kids many times. “You face them and show them you’re in charge.”

angusSo, in this case, she flailed her arms a few times, which generally got cattle moving in the right direction.

This particular cow chose the attack mode. She lowered her head and took a few menacing steps toward Mom.

Mom responded by bashing the stick on the cow’s head.

The cow stopped. The stick broke off at the end.

Then the cow lunged again. Mom slammed the stick onto her head and the cow stopped. The stick broke off at the end.

This continued with the cow charging, Mom banging with her stick, and the stock breaking until Mom was out of stick.

Fortunately, the cow had tired of stick bashing because she turned and trotted into the new pen.

“What did you do then?” I asked Mom later.

She laughed. “I’ve never gotten over that fence so fast.”


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