Valuable research

Story_squareThe Internet has proven to be such a valuable resource for amazing topics. For example, our 18-year-old looked up from his computer the other day.

“According to research,” he said, “there is a right way to hang toilet paper.”

“Did somebody pay money for this research?” I asked.

“They studied the angle of the sheet and how efficiently you can unroll the paper.”

“Really. They studied this?” I guess there’s  a little of the cynic hiding in me somewhere.

“Oh, yeah. I read a whole article on it. I could google it if you want to read it.”

“No, thanks.” He took time to discover this information?

“So they found out that  the best way is to let the paper fall over the top of the roll.”tp

“Uh-huh.” Unlike some households, this has never been a point of dissension for us. I thought none of us cared. So I had to ask. “Is that the way you hang toilet paper?”

He’d already turned back to his computer but his head popped up.

“I never hang toilet paper,” he said. “I put it on the counter top.”


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