Charlie’s reputation

Story_squareUnstained reputations still matter to some folks in small towns and they don’t like shadows of shame when undeserved.

So that’s why Charlie got in such a huff.

I don’t think he minded that his name appeared on the police blotter.

But the problem came when a new reporter and a police officer with scrawling handwriting crossed Charlie’s path.

The new reporter was going over the police reports, searching for news leads or at least a report on the tickets issued last week.

He thought he’d found an interesting lead. This Charlie dude had been ticketed for weed.

So the reporter wrote a piece about Charlie’s ticket for marijuana possession.  Coming from a college town, it made sense to him.weeds

The problem was that the police officer hadn’t made a nice strong S at the end of weed.

Charlie had been ticketed for the weeds growing too tall in his alley. Charlie needed to mow, not hide his stash.

And that’s why Charlie got in such a huff.


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