Dad’s perfect gift

Story_squareI remember the Christmas where Mom found the perfect gift for Dad. It was so perfect that he got two of: the one Mom bought and the one he bought five days before Christmas.

As Mom put it, “He can just have two of them then.”

She wasn’t smiling when she said it.

That was Dad’s MO: when he needed something, he bought it.

Buying gifts for Dad was always a challenge. He didn’t care about fun gifts. He wanted practical. For a while, we rotated gifts between wallets and pocket knives because he was sure to lose one between birthdays.

But my husband stumbled on an even more perfect gift.

Matt assured me that he would take of Dad’s Christmas gift one year after he found cases of antifreeze on sale at the parts store.

He didn’t even bother to wrap the case. He popped on a bow, wrote Dad’s name on the cardboard and let Dad cut it open. With a gift pocket knife, I suspect.

Dad was thrilled.

At a case of antifreeze.

It is no wonder that I never scored a great gift for Dad.

And the best part of the antifreeze? Matt then shared how great a price he’d gotten on the case. Dad couldn’t have asked for anything better.

That was the year I quit buying gifts for Dad. I was obviously clueless.


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