Chuck’s dilemma

Story_squareSome jobs just don’t fit some people.

Chuck’s crew had one of those projects where the construction happened on one side of a canal and the electrical power was on the other side.

So Chuck was handed the 100-foot extension cord and instructed to get it hooked into the electrical outlet.

Chuck threw himself into the task, which involved unrolling the cord and dragging it across the ground to a small foot bridge. Then he dragged the remainder of the cord to the outlet.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew assembled scaffolding, laid out tools, and inventoried the building materials.

Then Chuck came back to his foreman.

“All set?” the foreman said.

“I need an adapter,” Chuck answered.

The foreman narrowed his eyes. “An adapter?”

Chuck held up the end of the extension cord. “Yeah. I’ve got female to female over there at the outlet and I need an adapter.”extension cord

“I suppose you have male to male at this end?” the foreman replied.

“I haven’t looked yet.”

Chuck didn’t last long at that job.


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