Poor Harvey

Seasons“Harvey always walked around with his head bend down,” the physical therapist told me over coffee and scones. “He had a walker and he’d walk hunched over. We worked on that for weeks but I never could get him to lift his head.”

“Frustrating for you?” I asked.

She chuckled. “More for him, but he never knew.”

“So did you change his therapy schedule?”

“Well, yes.” She sipped her coffee. “One day Harvey was walking down the hallway, like he always did, with his eyes on the floor and his head hunched over. We had a new resident on the floor that liked to escape her room early.”

“Escape her room?”

The therapist nodded. “She liked to sneak out of her room topless.”

“Oh, no.”

“Well, Harvey was making his way down the hallway when this lady did her thing. She walked right by Harvey without a stitch on top.”

“And Harvey—“

“Oh, Harvey just kept shuffling along.”

“He was shocked?”

The therapist took a bite of her scone. “He had his head down and he never saw a thing. Missed the whole show.”

“Did you ever tell him?”

“Nope. I decided he could keep shuffling along. We’d work on something else.”


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