Goats in love, part 2

Story_squareLast week I wrote about  Goats in Love but it was only part one. Story number two may top it.

Rocket, our daddy buck, spent a lot of time alone pining for his girlfriend. Now the girlfriend varied from week to week, but Rocket was always ready.

Rocket’s pad also paralleled a small pasture where two does lived.  One day I noticed that one of the does, Lulu, was ready to meet Rocket.  The other doe, Maybelle, was oblivious.

I did mention that Rocket was always ready, right?

I opened the gate and Rocket roared into the pasture, legs churning in a blur like Wiley Coyote chasing the roadrunner.

Rocket, as we already established, had more hormones than brains. Chanting “hey, good lookin’” as he flew past me, he focused his loving gaze on Maybelle. Not Lulu.

A female goat not in the mood has no interest in a hormone-fueled buck. Maybelle saw Rocket racing toward her and took off like a jet. Her legs were churning faster than his.

I watched the pair flying around the perimeter of the pasture, legs spinning. Rocket’s head was up as he enjoyed the beauty of his new girlfriend. Maybelle’s head was down; she had no time for anything but a panicked gallop.

Meanwhile, Miss Lulu was sending little air kisses and twirling her tail like a string of pearls.

As the racing pair headed down the backstretch, their path took them past Miss Lulu who by now was flashing her lashes like a neon sign.  hears2

I did not know a thundering buck could make a 180-degree correction without turning inside out but Rocket did it.

Suddenly, he was bringing roses and chocolate to Miss Lulu.

And Maybelle leaned against a fence post, heaving for air while her life passed before her eyes.

With goat romance, when it’s not your time, it’s not your time.


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