Goats in love

Story_squareI’ve decided to declare this time as Valentine’s season for goats because, well, if you have to ask you may not understand.

Of late, I’ve been seeing these adorable YouTube videos of baby goats cavorting with great joy. If you’ve seen those,  your appetite may be whetted toward goats. Well, you need to know more.

If you haven’t heard about goats in love, you are woefully deprived.

In our goat herd, we usually keep our buck – the future daddy – separated from the does so we can control when the babies come.

One bright fall morning, one of our girls had put on her high heels, lipstick, and Chanel before sashaying along the fence line she shared with Rocket the buck.

Rocket got the message: she was in the mood.  Rocket was always in the mood so he pushed his manly head through the fence to sniff her fragrance.

When I saw the hearts drifting into the air above those two, I collected Miss Elinore and brought her into Rocket’s pen. She wiggled her hips and lightly danced from the gate to the fence line so that she could lean against Rocket.

Just what he had hoped for, except for one thing.

Rocket’s massive head, and I could not make this up, was stuck in the fence.hearts

He pulled and twisted while Elinore was nearly doing a pole dance beside him.  His front legs were like pile drivers pushing into the ground. His cheeks would have turned red from the exertion if not hidden by that thick buck fur. No go. He was stuck.

The love of his life was at hand and he couldn’t get his head out of the wire.

I gotta tell you that it’s hard to cut fence wire when you’re laughing that hard.


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