From the mamas

Fred knocked lightly on the door before leaning into the room. “Mama?”Seasons

Then he saw me sitting beside my mother’s bed. “Oh, excuse me. “

His mama and my mama were roommates in the nursing home. He had to walk through our space to get to his mother.

“You’re fine,” I assured him. I was reading a book while Mom slept.

Fred was tall with more salt than pepper in his hair. About my age. I’d already noticed that most of the visitors at the nursing home were about my age.

For most of us, our mamas -and a few papas- lived here.  This is our time of life.

“She’s sleeping.” Fred could see his mother in her bed. “Maybe I’ll come back later.”

“Don’t worry about that.”  The voice was my mother’s. She looked at Fred. “We can sleep anytime. She can’t see you anytime.”

Fred still hesitated. Mamas train us well. Who wants to awaken a napper?  We learned that with younger siblings a millennium ago.

My mother glanced at me and then at Fred again. “She will be disappointed. I would be. She wants to see you. “

Even at our age, Mama still gives good advice. Fred nodded and then tiptoed into the room.

Maybe he tiptoed so that he didn’t wake his mother before he woke her.


I could hear a slight rustle. And then “Ooooh. Fred. It is so good to see you. I am glad you came. How are you?”

“I’m good.” I could hear Fred drop into a chair.

Mamas still know best.


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