Just come for tea

I wouldn’t have invited my friend if I hadn’t thought it was a good idea.

She was less sure.

“Just why are you inviting me to your house for tea?” she said.

“We just haven’t had a chance to sit down and catch up on things.”

“Huh.” She seemed unconvinced. “We live in the same town, you know. You saw me at church and at the picnic last week. Do you need to talk about something?”

“Of course not. Just tea. We’ll sit down and enjoy my tea.”

“Let me see if I have a free afternoon. Serving crumpets, too?” She had a sarcastic edge sometimes.

“Just tea.”

“Wait a minute.  Are you still trying to get rid of that box of acai banana tea?”

Busted. “Maybe.”

“Dump it in the trash.”

“But it was a Christmas gift.”

“It tastes weird.”

I sighed. “Did you give it to me for Christmas?”

“You don’t know who gave it to you. So, if you throw away the tea, you’ll be insulting someone you don’t even remember?”

“Quit using logic.”


There was a short pause and I took a deep breath. “So, are you coming for tea?”

Believe it or not, all I heard was a dial tone. Busted.


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