Donut danger

We’d found a small church with many children and a huge box of donuts available before the worship service began. Our 5-year-old son thought we’d found heaven.

He had a free rein after Sunday school to play with his friends and sample the donuts.

When the service began, he joined us but, before the second song, he headed back out of the church. His father followed and found him in the bathroom, heaving his breakfast.

“Are you OK?” my husband asked.

He was. He washed his face, straightened his shoulders, and nodded.

“What happened? Are you sick?”

Our son shook his head. “No, I ate too many donuts.”

“How many did you eat?”


His father laughed. “Wow. So did you learn anything from this little episode?”

“Yep,” he said. “Stop at six.”


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