Checking out an idea

Since my husband is an expert in measures and machines, he was the logical one to ask.

“How much does a Chevy S-10 pickup weigh?” I said.

“Oh, about 3200 pounds.” He was working on a game on his iPad so I didn’t get much of a look.

Ford pickup from the front

Ford pickup from the front (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“And an old Ford half-ton pickup?”

“About 3500 pounds.”

“And a flatbed trailer?”

He still didn’t look up from his game. “About 1500 pounds. And that’d work. The Ford could easily pull a trailer with the S-10 on it.”

“No, the other way around,” I said.

And I had his attention. He’s a protective guy and he shook his head. “Oh, no, you’d never want to pull a Ford pickup with an S-10.  Maybe across town if you went slow.”

“Well, I already did it.”

When we were first married, he might have berated my foolishness. But after all these years, his response was, “Oh,” and he went back to his game.  He’s met some of my ideas.

I wish I’d known him when I launched the great idea of helping my brother. I owned the S-10; he had the Ford which died at my house.

We lived about 80 miles apart in those days and I figured I could bring his pickup home on a trailer.

Have you seen that Ford pickup commercial where the driver sees a boat on a trailer go by and realizes it’s his?

That was nearly me.

Visualize the dinosaur tail wagging a terrier and you’ll get the idea.

I made it home. On the interstate. At 40 mph. With the monster disguised as the Ford half-ton breathing hot on the back of my neck while it lurched  toward the edge of the road every one of those 80 miles.

I get many ideas but let me assure you that this was not one of the good ones.


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