In the movie Up, a dog with teeth bared moving in for the win could be distracted by the call, “Squirrel!” The dog’s head instantly rotated in search of the new prey.

disney-pixar-upThat problem isn’t just with dogs. My sister and I have been struggling with the same issue.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

I recently had a couple of errands to run before visiting my mother, who is currently living in a nursing home. From the bank, I headed downtown for errand #2 – picking up a part from an appliance store. One block before I arrived at the store, I instead turned right onto Main Street and drove back across town to the nursing home.

Two hours later, I realized I hadn’t snagged the part I needed.


A few days ago, my teenage son and I headed out on a day-long trip. Before we walked out of the house, I reminded him, “You ought to take a water bottle with you.”

“Oh, yeah,” he said and filled a stainless steel bottle pulled from the cupboard.

Then we got into the car and I buckled in. “Oh,” I said. “I forgot my water bottle.”

I got out of the car, headed back toward the house, and he rolled down his window. “Would you grab mine while you’re in there?”


My sister is working with an essential oil that is supposed to help with distractedness. I’m calling it squirrel oil and, if it helps her, I may mainline the stuff.


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