Connecting with Google Easter eggs

Once the joke was that if you needed your VCR/TV/voicemail set up, adopt a 12-year-old to do it for you.

As I watched my grandson at 18 months slide his fingers over my smartphone screen, I think the age requirement may have dropped.

American Easter eggs from Washington

American Easter eggs from Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But what’s with children grasping technology faster than the more mature among us?

My theory is they play with technology like they play with toy trucks and blocks. They have fun with the medium and, in the process, discover how it works.

So I have some fun for you that just might also give you a foot in the door with the younger generation.

First, you need to know the term “Easter egg.” Forget about the pastel plastic eggs stuffed with candy. These Easter eggs are surprises waiting on the internet for the frisky explorer.

Here’s your first Easter egg: direct your browser to Google Images and type in “Atari Breakout.” Wait for it…. A little fun nostalgia for many of us awaits. Enjoy the screen but don’t forget to come back because I have more.

Here are a few more Easter eggs to explore. Remember, the point is fun so don’t get all serious wondering just what these programmers could have been doing to save the world.

In each of these, navigate to the Google search page. You’ll see the search window there. Type what’s between the quotation marks but leave off the quotation marks:

  • Type “Google pond” into the search window. Then press the “I’m feeling lucky” button and watch your screen.
  • Type “tilt” and press the search button. Use this to annoy your OCD friends – well, maybe former friends.
  • Try “Barrel roll” in the search window and select the search button. Buckle your seat belt.
  • Type “elgoog” and press the “I’m feeling lucky” button. Think about Alice in the mirror.
  • Having a gray day? Try “Google rainbow” and press “I’m feeling lucky.”
  • “Google guitar” lets you play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star or Forest Gump. Your choice.
  • Also try “Google underwater” for a cool effect.

Remember that the point is to have some fun and maybe to connect with someone under age 18. The key is to offer the Easter egg as though you’ve always known this stuff. And then laugh together.

A great use for technology.

(Thanks to my techie teen for his help on this.)


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