Media at its worst

Personal assistants are a wonderful thing and, when one is built into your phone, it’s a free wonderful thing, right?

Let me tell you a story about that.


siri (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

One evening, I was busy and my hands were full. But I had my iPhone and my personal assistant, Siri, right? So when the text came to my phone, I instructed Siri to read it to me. She did, informing me that my husband was letting me know that we were out of milk at home.

“Would you like to repeat or reply?” Siri is so efficient.

“Reply,” I said. I dictated the reply: “I forgot about milk. Sorry.”

Then I got the bright idea to let my children know. My daughter was driving home with my teenage son so I instructed Siri to send him a message: “Dad just told me there is no milk—” Then Siri interrupted me with a beep and asked if I wanted to send the message. “No,” I instructed.

But I didn’t read the screen. I just repeated the whole message: “Dad just told me there is no milk. Do you want to go back and get some?”

After a longer pause than my son usually needs when it comes to text messages, I got his response: “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

When we got together to compare messages, I discovered that I had first replied to my husband like this: “I forgot about mountain sorry.”

And the text to my son read, “Dad just told me there is no mouth. Dad just told me there was no mountain. You want to go back and get baby?”

Siri may be very efficient but apparently I can’t trust her around milk.


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