A nice change from the writing rut

I like ideas. I’ve told people that if they don’t like this idea, I’ll have another one soon. Ideas are building blocks for a writer.

I want to explore new ground, ask playful questions, look for a new angle. Get me out of the rut and into the fresh air so I can breath deep and dance to a new song.

OK, the dance stuff is melodramatic but you get the idea.

PaperMy newest tool in the adventure is Paper by 53, an app for an iPad. Paper is basically a sketching app but its beauty and simplicity caught my eye. Plus the promo said that this app was where ideas began.

Ok, then. Ideas are good. I downloaded it.

I’m still playing with Paper but, so far, I like it. The app store describes it as a digital cocktail napkin but that limits it too much.

Paper lets me write or draw in an attractive notebook with a quill tip pen. A very nice blend for a writer: lush paper and a great pen.

Using either my fingertip or a stylus, I can write, doodle, sketch, draw to my heart’s content. I’m not a good artist but doodling helps free ideas and make associations.

Plus, I get to play with ideas in a digital atmosphere that I can then email to someone or post on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

I tend to lose notebooks (and pens) but this app hangs onto those ideas for me until I’m ready to develop them. And the overall look of Pages soothes my right brain and lets my analytical side take a rest.

The basic app is free. You can add watercolor pens, brushes and more through in-app purchases.

At this time, Paper is only for the iPad. But if you have one, give Paper a spin.

You may explore new ground, ask playful questions, and find a new angle. What can it hurt?


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