Why a best seller isn’t on my to-do list

I found the formula for writing a best-selling novel recently. On the internet, of course, where all good solutions can be found. It was really quite simple.

Pick a topic in a popular genre and write. Submit your stuff to critique groups. Then submit it to one of the publishers who handles best-selling books. It’s a good idea to know your characters before you start writing and it’s also advisable to be sure your plot makes sense.

Now that I know how easy a best-seller is, I had to think about whether I want one right now.

I decided against it at the moment.  I need serious help because I don’t write popular genre stories. And I don’t want to do the interview circuit this year, although I do have to admit that the formula doesn’t say I have to. Maybe I could skip that.

I like marching to a different drummer and wonder how much would have to change in my life to fit the best-selling novel model. Would I have to do more marketing? More research into the better-selling genres? More work on craft?

More importantly, I want my work to convey my message and reflect my themes.

I am excited to report, though, that I start a new class this month offered by Jeff Goins entitled Tribe Writers. The class is about finding the audience that is eager to hear what I have to say and to share it.

I’m OK with that concept. And, really, I’m OK if that turns into a best-seller. Next year.


One thought on “Why a best seller isn’t on my to-do list

  1. Haha. My thoughts exactly.

    I was looking at a writer’s magazine in the bookstore yesterday. Someone asked the agent being interviewed why it was so hard to get genre-bending work published, and the agent said something like, “Well, if you don’t know what you want to write about, how am I supposed to pitch it?”

    I guess this is one of the reasons half the fiction section is taken up with vampire romance and the other half is cop thrillers that sound like CSI episodes.



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