About being published

I don’t consider publication to be the end-all for a writer, even though it sure is nice. I know writers who share their talents in thank-you notes and encouragement letters. Not a bad gig at all.

I know others who exclusively blog. They are putting their insights on a medium that might be seen by readers worldwide. Not bad, either.

 Some writers produce works for their children or their own amusement. Nothing wrong with those goals either.

But I’ve felt the tug to submit for publication. I’m working on a novel right now but those take forever. I wanted to submit now. So I’ve begun writing short stories.

My first appeared in Harpstring’s summer edition. Apparently the pressure of a frantic deadline helped, because I whipped that story out in about three days.

Then came a notification about OakTara looking for short stories for an anthology Falling In Love With You. Because our love story is a little unique, I decided to submit a story for that, too.  That one was accepted and should be available by the end of the month.

Since then I’ve sent in a story to Chicken Soup and entered two short story contests. No word yet on those.

I still don’t consider publication to be the final plateau for a writer but I do have to admit that it’s fun seeing my name in print.

Now, back to my novel…


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